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Secure Leaders Part 2

Last week I shared some comparisons from a great article I read by Pastor Rod Loy on "secure leaders." This week I would share some of his thoughts on "how to become a secure leader." This short list has really…

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Secure Leaders

Have you ever had one of those moments where you keep seeing something repeated right in front of your eyes? I read a great article this week on "secure leaders" by Pastor Rod Loy then was in a meeting where…

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The Growing Gap of Power Distance

Jon Davis share this article with me this week that I would like to pass on to you. It's written by Jolene Erlacher from an organization called "Leading Tomorrow." I have seen this disconnect over the last 10 years in…

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Embrace the Chaos, Create the Change

Several years ago, Terry Hoggard introduced the theme "Embrace the Chaos, Create the Change" at our FEIC SUMMIT. We were reminded that in IC ministry, it's impossible to stop chaos so instead we learn to embrace challenges and create change.…

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National Church Partnerships

I want to write about partnerships with our national church this week. We love our FEIC network for many reasons but primarily because we are a relational network. We don't vote. We're not governed by a constitution. We simply share…

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The God Who Sees Us

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been walking with some people through some very heavy trials in areas of their health, finances, and challenging relationships. I've even felt that heaviness in my own life at times and it's…

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Creating a Culture of the House

One of the reasons we love our FEIC Network is because of the leadership culture we are creating. In his fourth book of the Habitude series, author Tim Elmore reminds us that cultures work like a virus in a family.…

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