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A Different Way

Have you ever met anyone who is too serious and just needs to loosen up? Maybe someone who thinks everything should be done a certain way all the time with no room for something new? I've been reading 2 Kings…

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The Second Half

Can you believe that we've already entered the second half of 2018? It's crazy how time passes when we're fully engaged with life. Today I encourage you to take time to reflect on all God has done both personally and…

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Our Number One Priority

Special thanks again to everyone who came to our 2018 FEIC Relational Retreat in Malaga, Spain! We were encouraged by the ministry of Pastors Randy and Nancee Carter, the venue and food was amazing and the relational connections just get…

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Asking The Right Questions

Our guest speakers Pastor Randy and Nancee Carter were life-giving leaders this week at our Relational Summit! We're so thankful for the way they were vulnerable and poured themselves into us by sharing with us from their deep ministry experience.…

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What does this mean?

Acts 2:12 “Amazed and perplexed, they asked one another, "What does this mean?" People are still asking that same question today! In fact, there's been so much "bad packaging" of the Holy Spirit that it has created a lot of…

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The Thief and The Doctor

I had the opportunity to hear Pastor Brian Houston speak yesterday at the Austrian national church leadership conference. He shared a powerful message with our pastors about the value of suffering and how God will always redeem our suffering for…

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Life-giving Leaders

I read a great article by Tim Elmore this week about "Life-Giving Leaders" that I would like to share with you. We've all noticed changes in each generation as it relates to leadership philosophies but at the end of the…

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