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Pastor Todd Tyson and their awesome team in Paris lead one of our great FEIC churches named "The Bridge." I love that name and how it reflects the ministry they are doing in Paris to lead people to Jesus. Recently,…

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Collective Calling

I’ve had the opportunity this week to spend some time talking with friends across Europe about our collective calling and how we can better work together to reach "today's Europe" as we establish faith based communities. It's obvious we are…

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Collective Impact

This week I was reminded again of the incredible collective impact that our team can have! We all work hard to develop high impact teams but sometimes we can forget what a blessing from God they are to us as…

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Clarity and Character

One of my favorite responsibility of the week at VCC is investing in a cohort of leaders every Tuesday. We have interesting, engaging discussions that give practical tools to grow effective leadership competencies. Recently, we talked about the issue of…

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I Am The Resurrection

I can already feel the excitement and anticipation of Resurrection Sunday! How about you? Last night in a memorial service we celebrated the life of believer who went home to be with Jesus this week. The family grieves because they…

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Moving Forward

I recently read an article by Tim Elmore regarding change. We're all familiar with change but Tim asked a great question that made me stop and reflect: "How do we distinguish between changes that represent mere drifting and change that…

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Job 5:9 declares "God does great things to marvelous to understand and He performs countless miracles.” I'm so thankful that heaven never has an economic crisis and that God is not running low on miracles today! In fact, miracles belong…

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Generational Bridges

March 17 Last night Pastor Perre Chiner from Lyon France did an incredible job at the PEF Conference speaking about the importance of building generational bridges to empower our young people to impact their generation. One of the disadvantages of…

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