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For Darkness is as Light to You

It's that time of the year again.... our clocks spring forward and we lose one hour this weekend! The purpose of daylight savings time is to take advantage of the daylight hours. We change our clocks during the summer months…

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Days Like This

Many years ago I remember a friend and I were talking about the surprises of life. He said to me, "My mother told me there we be days like this... she just didn't tell me there would be this many…

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Passing the baton

Thursday night at the PEF Leadership Conference, Pastor Juan Carlos Escobar from Spain shared a powerful message about the empowerment of leaders. He used the illustration of the art of passing a baton and how it requires both runners to…

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Inspirational Leadership

We love international church ministry! I had lunch today with interim pastor Jack and Donna Richards who is filling in for Pastor Sheldon at Bratislava International Fellowship. We had a great conversation talking about the unique identity of internationals God…

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A New Name in Heaven

We met Amir a few weeks ago. He left his oppressive, Muslim country for the first time and traveled to Vienna for a temporary work assignment. His heart was full of fear, mistrust and hopelessness so why not accept the…

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Hot Dogs

One of the teams I serve on is at the International Christian School of Vienna. The Director is a good friend and recently shared with me a dream she had. "I had a weird dream the other night. We spent…

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What is Normal?

This week I was looking at Pastor Scott Wilson's book Act Normal and reflecting on what a normal church in Europe should look like? What should a normal Christian look like? Normality really is defined by it's context. What's normal…

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I am honored to be at Brussels Christian Center this weekend to be a part of their Winter Conference "Pursuing the Purpose of God." Pastors Joe and Noemi Szabo are leading a great team here at Christian Center and there…

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Live Like You Mean It

We're already 3 weeks into January! Most of us have been engaged in some form of prayer and fasting. Maybe you've started some new goals and are trying to settle into a sustainable rhythm. How are you doing? Really, how…

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