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Team Sky

Have you ever heard of the "one percent factor?" The basic idea that a one percent change over a period of time can make a big difference—either positive or negative. It applies to every area of your life - personal…

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Out of the mouth of babes

I just returned to Vienna on an overnight flight from the US and would you be surprised if I told you a baby sitting 2 rows behind me cried almost the entire night? Of course, everyone in the surrounding rows…

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Be Still

When was the last time you were still? Really still? We all try to build in opportunities each day to spend time with God but if we're honest most of the time our work for God can blur with our…

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Church and Culture

I had an interesting conversation with a young generational leader this week about the positions and perspectives of his generation. Specifically he said although Jesus is attractive, the church is not. His feeling was the church has lost it's relevancy…

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Nothing is too difficult for God!

I've had the opportunity this week to sit with some of the regional leadership from the organization that I work with and have been inspired to hear the heartbeat of what God is doing across Europe. Many times God let's…

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NEXT – from here to there

Several months ago I had a conversation with Terry Hoggard about the theme of NEXT for this years SUMMIT and he immediately gave me 3 words like only Terry can do: pathways, possibilities and provision. Establishing our pathways - speaks…

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Summit Book Released!

We're excited to send you the link to our 2016 SUMMIT Book! We will miss many of you who may not be able to attend this year so we intentionally want to stay connected with you by sharing some of…

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Matthew 6:33 Works!

"Matthew 6:33 really works!" Those were words our SUMMIT speaker Danny Duvall said to me on the phone a few months ago as we talked about the theme (NEXT) for this years FEIC SUMMIT. We talked about our spiritual journeys…

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