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Expect The Unexpected

The 2010 World Cup is underway as I am writing ... in fact we now know the final 8! As is often true, there have already been alot of surprises ... so many in fact that we can easily say…

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Genetic Connections

Genetic Connections - a thing of great interest to many these days! The fascination with family trees, family genes & family roots has actually created quite an impressive market response. After our identical twin grandsons were born 18 months ago…

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A Life-giving Presence

Recently I took a train to Mainz, Germany for a weekend of ministry in Wiesbaden & Heidelberg (great timing since the Icelandic volcano had really stressed the flight schedules). The train from Koln to Mainz went thru Koblenz and traveled…

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A Little Motivational Push

Mac Anderson who founded, 'Simple Truths' is an amazing inspirational leader! Thru his business he recently promoted a book entitiled 'Finish Strong', by Dan Green which is making national news in America this week! Do you know why? In the…

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