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Announcing Immerse Worship Camp

Announcing Immerse Worship Camp

Announcing Immerse Worship Camp & Seven Reasons Why Your Team Should Attend

By Jeff Slaughter

After organizing more than 40 one-day worship training events in a number of European countries, I sensed a need to develop a more intensive training opportunity for those who want to go deeper.

To that end, we’re offering a three-day intensive training opportunity called, ‘Immerse Worship Camp’.

‘Immerse’ is set for July 18-20 at Continental Theological Seminary in Sint-Pieters-Lieuw, Belgium (just west of Brussels). 

We would love for your worship leader and team members to join us at Immerse. There’s still time to get affordable flights to Brussels Zaventem or Charleroi and we’ll be glad to pick your people up and take them back to the airport!

At the end of this article, you’ll find links to the European Worship Institute website with more information about Immerse. But first, here are seven reasons why I think your worship leader and team should attend Immerse Worship Camp! 

Would you please share with your leaders and team?

Seven Reasons Why You Should Attend Immerse Worship Camp

Reason #1: You will rediscover your identity in God
Through messages delivered around our theme, ‘Who You Say I Am’ you will revisit your identity in terms of: 

  • Who God made you to be
  • Who you are in Christ
  • Who you are in the Church 

Our prayer is that you will leave Immerse Camp with a renewed sense of your calling in life!

Reason #2: You will learn something new
During our 14 breakout sessions taught by 17 different teachers, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of ‘deep dive’ classes including:

  • Worship Leading Strategies for Beginners (Parts I & II)
  • Worship Leading Strategies for Advanced (Parts I & II)
  • Sound Techniques for Worship (Parts I & II)
  • Songwriting (Parts I & II)
  • Indigenous Worship
  • Worship Administration/Team Dynamics (Offered twice)
  • Non-Traditional Worship Instruments
  • Strategies and Techniques for Band Directors
  • Music Theory for Worship

Reason #3: You will improve your instrumental, vocal or sound tech skills
During our 7 hands-on workshops, you will have the opportunity to improve your skills, ask question and receive one-on-one coaching.

Workshops include: 

  • Piano/keys
  • Acoustic guitar for beginners
  • Acoustic guitar for advanced
  • Electric guitar
  • Bass guitar
  • Drums
  • Vocals

Reason #4: You will meet new people and make new friends
Worship team members just like you will join us from a number of other churches. You’ll have time to meet new people and make new friends during coffee breaks, meal times and ‘Immerse Café’.

Reason #5: You will have fun
We have some special sessions planned for you that will put our theme, ‘Who You Say I Am’ into practical terms. These will be interactive, informative and fun! 

Reason #6: You will worship a lot 
If you like to worship – and we hope you do – you’ll enjoy our times of bi-lingual worship during morning devotions, evening serve and impromptu worship at Immerse Café.

Reason #7: You will enjoy surprises
Our Immerse team is planning some fun surprises throughout Immerse Camp to inspire, refresh and encourage you.

We hope we’ve given you enough reasons to join us for Immerse Worship Camp July 18-20! Please consider joining us!

Want to know more about Immerse Worship Camp? 

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